POPping up at the Hahndorf Resort

POPping up at the Hahndorf Resort

June 9, 2016 News 0

SAVE THE DATE! Sunday, June 12 2016.
10am to 4pm at the Hahndorf Resort, Lakeview Function Room.

POP Market is on the move!! 12th June

The POP Market has been running close to a year now and is embarking on new adventures! We are not only trying a new venue but we are expanding from being just an indoor market to both an indoor AND outdoor market! Wow! What more would you want, well wait there is more! This market we will be having a selection of food stalls available! That’s right, for the first time ever POP Market is expanding and taking on these exciting new adventures.

With many of our regular stall holders and also a selection of new ones also this is a Market where you will experience all handmade produce and products in our wonderful new location at the Hahndorf Resort.

What you can find at the Hahndorf Resort, is beautiful views, wild life all around the grounds, great facilities and even the Three Gums Bistro as well.
With the map you can find us in the Lakeview Function Room, located past the pool and near the bistro.

Our past week getting ready has been quite exciting, with photo shoots, signage going up, last minute preparations and even news articles being published!

Check out below all the excitement we’ve enjoyed:

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Hope to see you all there on Sunday, 12 June 2016 from 10am – 4pm